Introduction to Photo Factory

Our website is aimed at any photographer that would like to improve upon their people photography skills. We will have a number of resources for you to develop your craft, all located in one area.  This allows you to concentrate on expanding your photography skills by taking and posting pictures, rather than trying to search for all of the information that you need and then never taking images with feedback.  

One of the most effective ways to get better at your style of photography is through having your images reviewed and critiqued by a photographer specialising in your field. 

There are many sites on the internet and social media that allows you to post your images and have your peers critique them, in particular Facebook groups.  Although these sites all have a purpose, there are a number of problems associated with many of the social media sites.   

  • The feedback you receive may not always consistent.
  • The feedback in many cases may not be constructive.
  • Quite often your images may not even be reviewed, which can be frustrating and demotivating.
  • You may receive a like when your picture is not really that good, giving you a false sense of security that your photography is at a certain level.
  • Opinions can be very subjective, you should rather focus at pleasing your clients than other photographers.  It is said that if you need  good comments on your photography that you should show your mom or other family members.
  • You want to learn from photographers work you admire, often on social media sites, photographers are pushing their style without allowing you to develop your own, while learning at the same time. 
  • Although social media sites can assist you with your photography, it is extremely seldom you will learn good techniques as photographers are often not willing to share all of their skills.

Before joining Photo Factory, it is advisable that you look at the tutors photography and make your own decision as to whether this is the level of photography that you will able to achieve.  Should you not be able to reach that level of photography, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn and improve your skill level.  

Not one photographer knows it all, but getting to the level of someones work you admire is something our tutors can and will assist you with.

We at Photo Factory have created an online forum where our staff will be dedicated to giving you the constructive critique you may need to improve your photography.  Depending on the package you choose, you will be able to post up to 2 images per week and improve upon your skills through our constructive reviews and critique. 

If you feel you are lacking in a particular skill/s, be it camera settings, lighting setups, posing or editing you will find a number of ever increasing eLearning tutorials to help you grow your skill level in be it Portraiture, Boudoir, Nude, Glamour, Fitness, Fantasy, Erotic or any similar genre.  Although these articles and tutorials can be found all over the internet for free, the purpose of Photo Factory is to provide a website where you can find what we see as the best information in one place, as part of your chosen package and to give you advice on how you have implemented these tutorials in your photography all in one place, saving you time to develop your skills.  

Reading something and applying it are two different things, that is one of the reasons workshops have been born, however a days workshop may not give you the continual support you need to allow your photography to grow.  Photo Factory will allow you to post your images for critique once you have gone through tutorials or you are trying out a new skill or idea. Your growth will be limited to your choice as to how often you post images, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of the site.

It does not matter where in the world you are from, be it Cape Town or Vladivostok, if you are looking at improving your craft we will assist you.